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HistoryMaker Homes Gives You Space

Posted on Monday, December 20, 2021

When it comes to your new home, it’s not how much square footage you have but how your square footage is distributed that gives you the space you need. HistoryMaker Homes maximizes the functional space in your home so it feels big, bold and uncluttered.

Designed to give you more of what you want, HistoryMaker home designs minimize unused spaces like hallways, preferring to use that square footage to craft bigger kitchens, bedrooms and closets. Walk into any HistoryMaker home and you will see what we mean.

HistoryMaker Homes is good at building homes for families because they are a family-owned business with more than 70 years of experience. Family comfort isn’t just about space. It’s about intelligent design decisions, energy efficiency and flexible technology options.

Today’s families need technology more than ever. They need reliable connectivity and smart home features. Every HistoryMaker home boasts guaranteed full WiFi coverage from your internet provided a state-of-the-art router, electronic deadbolt with Z-wave technology and a digitally connected thermostat.

All homes are built to meet or exceed today’s energy efficiency standards. That means you get Energy Star-rated appliances, LED light bulbs and insulated low-E glass windows with vinyl frames. Your home is healthy and green because the builder only uses Greenguard-certified insulation.

Finally, HistoryMaker utilizes construction methods that reduce waste while improving the integrity of your home. That includes roof trusses designed by engineers, wall panels with precision cuts and fasteners that reinforce the strength of your home and a superior subfloor that repels and drains rainwater during construction to prevent swelling.

Sunterra is happy to have HistoryMaker Homes building in our community. Homes will be priced from the $260,000s and feature up to seven bedrooms and four garages. Visit Sunterra and learn more about our builders today.