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Making Your New Home Your Own

Posted on Monday, August 22, 2022

You’ve chosen your floor plan and your homesite. Now it’s time to make your new Sunterra home your own by putting your stylish stamp on it. Flooring, countertops and cabinets, paint and more are available in a dizzying array of styles, colors and materials. How do you make the right choices for you? We have some thoughts.

Define Your Style

Are you a minimalist or a sucker for shabby chic? Defining your style will make choosing your home’s design elements easier. Start by taking this HGTV quiz. Once you have an idea whether you trend toward Modern Farmhouse, Contemporary or Mid-century Modern start checking out design magazines and websites to see what excites you.

Make a Mood Board

Mood boards are like blueprints. They help you pull all your ideas together. Are there any common threads such as color, furniture shape or patterns? These will inform your decisions when it is time to choose your interior features. Remember that paint, flooring, cabinetry and countertops all serve as a backdrop for your furnishings, accent pieces and art.

How Do You Live

Think of your mood board as a guide for how you want to live. Then backtrack and think about how you actually live. Do you have young children ready to place sticky fingers on your beautifully painted turquoise walls? Will the marble kitchen island you love be easy to care for? That stand-alone tub is gorgeous, but will it be easy to get in and out of? Check your mood board again and remove anything that won’t fit your lifestyle. Then see if you can find an alternative you love.

Speak with a Professional

Some builders invite you to explore their design centers. You can speak with a professional who can help you pull together the look you want. Other builders offer packages that take the guesswork out of designing your home. Consider consulting with an interior decorator. Even if you choose not to have them decorate, they might be able to give you some ideas.

Set a Budget

Builders offer standard packages. If you want to upgrade, it will cost you. The good news is that the cost of those upgrades can be rolled into your mortgage. Still, you should set a budget so you don’t go crazy. Experts agree that kitchens and bathrooms are worth upgrading as they can make those rooms easier to care for. Also, doing it now will keep you from having to make costly renovations later.

Stay Away from Trends (Unless You Like Them)

The thing about trends is that they are, well, trendy. Décor choices that rely on what’s trendy can quickly look dated. Make décor choices based on how you want your home to look five years from now, not when you move in. Current trends that will always look fresh include stained wood cabinets, pops of color in the kitchen, neutral paints with color accents and organic materials such as wood floors.