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What is a Crystal Clear Lagoon?

Posted on Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Sunterra residents are in for a treat — having a Crystal Lagoons® amenity right in their backyard.

But what is it?

It’s a tropical experience like no other!

Land Tejas has championed crystal clear lagoons in the Houston area and so far, is the only developer to invest in bringing a lagoon to a master-planned community. Much more than a pool, these massive lagoons are measured in acres — the one at sister community Lago Mar is approximately 12 acres!

The Sunterra lagoon won’t be that big; still in early design, it will likely feature several white sand beaches with multiple acres of crystal clear water.

It’s that turquoise water that is the defining difference of a crystal clear lagoon. Patented technology allows lagoons to retain their blue waters with minimal amounts of chemicals and energy. In fact, the lagoon’s filtration system uses only 2 percent of the energy consumed by conventional centralized swimming pool filtration systems. Additives are applied and ultrasonic waves used that force contaminant particles to be agglomerated into larger particles that are then removed.

Hydraulic and mechanical systems are monitored, controlled and operated remotely by Crystal Lagoons from the company control center, which is how the water quality is maintained within established parameters. The 24-7 monitoring — plus the stringent international physicochemical and microbiological water quality standards followed — ensure the water is safe to swim in year round.

And while the technology is cool, it’s the lifestyle the lagoon brings that means most to residents. These crystal clear waters are surrounded by white-sand beaches dotted with swaying palm trees. It’s a tropical paradise that requires no plane and one residents can visit daily, if they choose. In other Land Tejas communities, it’s called “Lagoon Life,” and it’s a breezy, carefree lifestyle residents of Sunterra will also be able to enjoy.