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What to Do Before You Move

Posted on Monday, February 14, 2022

You did it. You bought a beautiful new home in Sunterra. There’s just one thing standing between you and your new life – the move. Moving is right up there with marriage and having children when it comes to stressful life events. Not to worry. We have some tips that will ensure things go smoothly.

Get to Know the Neighborhood

Visit your new neighborhood and the surrounding area before you close on your new home. That way if you need something during the move you can easily find it.

Do You Need to Pack Everything?

Declutter and organize. Sort items into three categories: keep, donate and toss. If you are keeping things you don’t need on a day-to-day business, go ahead and box them up. Check your garage, do you have unpacked boxes from your last move? Donate them. You didn’t need them this time, you won’t need them in your new home.

Make a Moving File

Planning your move in advance will keep stress at bay. Buy a binder or set up a file on your computer. Use the file to store contracts, loan documents, moving company estimates and receipts. Create a checklist with deadlines. Plan your move in increments so you aren’t overwhelmed.

Movers: Yes or No?

Decide a few months in advance whether you will hire professional movers. They book up fast. Get recommendations from friends and family or check out these reviews. Get at least three estimates before deciding. If you aren’t hiring movers, reserve a moving truck as soon as possible, otherwise, the size you need might not be available.

Buy the Right Supplies

 It’s not as easy as you think to get used boxes from grocery stores and appliance shops. If you are renting a moving truck, you can probably purchase all the moving supplies you need. Amazon is also a great resource. Make sure you have plenty of packing tape, bubble wrap and markers. You don’t want to run out days before the move.

Find Alternative Packing Materials

If you aren’t using professional movers or going very far, you might be able to skip the boxes. Suitcases can be used to transport clothes. Trash bags work well even if they aren’t fancy. Instead of packing what’s in your dresser, just pull out the drawers and wrap kitchen wrap around them. Use heavy-duty wrap for kitchen drawers.

Pack Least Used Items First

Unless you need to move in a week, you have plenty of time to pack. Do it slowly so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Start with the items you use the least. Think storage closets, the garage and spare rooms. As you approach your move date, start packing out-of-season clothes, jewelry, books and records.

Start With the Toughest Room

Two weeks away from the move is when you need to get serious. Start with the kitchen and pack everything but the essentials. Why? Kitchens are the hardest to pack. Once you have that squared away, packing other rooms will be a breeze.

Keep Track

As you pack, keep track of what’s in each box. That way you will know if a box is missing. It also makes it easier to find the things you need right away. Assign each box a letter or number and write down the contents. You can also take a picture of the contents and tape a copy to the box.

Start Early

Moving always takes longer than you think. If you are handling the move yourself, get your helpers over to your house early. Plan to take breaks because moving is hard work. If you hired professional movers, designate one person to liaison with them. Everyone else should stay out of the way.