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5 Ways Buying New Benefits You

Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2023

There’s something special about being the first person to live in a home. There’s no need to replace hideous brown carpeting, knock down walls, or paint old kitchen cabinets. Everything in a new-build home is fresh and, well, new! That’s not the only benefit. Here are five more ways buying a new home in Sunterra benefits you.

It’s All You

When you purchase a home in Sunterra, you are buying your dream home, not someone else’s. Everything from the floor plan to the homesite, the floors and the paint are chosen by you to fit your needs and aesthetic. Love quartz countertops. Done. Always dreamed of hardwood floors? Most builders offer them as an upgrade. Once your home is finished, you will be stepping into a home that is uniquely yours.

You’ll Save Money

An existing home may have developed structural issues that can cause heat to escape. The air conditioner might not be in the best condition, spiking your bill in the summer. Advances in building methods and materials have made new construction homes more energy efficient than homes built even five years ago. Your new home will include energy-efficient appliances, superior insulation, the latest HVAC system and more. Lower energy bills mean more money in your pocket.

It’s Under Warranty

Older homes are just that — older. Pipes, electrical wires, the roof and more are older, too. If they break, you will be on the hook for the repair bills. A new home in Sunterra is covered by your builder’s warranty. Most builders offer one-year warranties on workmanship and materials, two-year warranties on all mechanical work including the HVAC systems and a 10-year structural warranty. That means if something breaks, they will fix it for free.

Less Work, More Fun

All homes require some maintenance but there is a big difference between washing the windows and fixing leaky pipes. Older homes usually need more attention. Cabinets need to be refinished sooner, cracks in the driveway repaired and fences mended. Before long, you are spending most of your weekends as a handyman. A new home requires less maintenance because everything is new. That means you’ll spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying Sunterra’s many planned amenities.

New Homes are Smarter

Everyone wants a smart home but integrating home automation technology into an older home can be frustrating. Most builders include some home automation features in their homes. That means smart thermostats, garage door openers and door locks are already installed. If you want more devices, you can choose them at the design center. Even if you don’t, they will be easier to add because your home will already be wired to accommodate the latest technology.