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Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree

Posted on Thursday, December 8, 2022

A holly jolly Christmas isn’t complete without a beautifully decorated tree. Many families will be flocking to local Christmas tree farms and lots. If you are one of them, how do you go about picking the perfect one? Here are some tips from Sunterra residents.

Measure First

If the tree you buy doesn’t fit your space, you will be doing a lot of tree trimming (and we don’t mean the fun kind). The solution is to measure before heading out. Know the height of your ceiling. Keep in mind the height of your stand and topper as those will add inches to your tree. How deep is the space? You don’t want your tree to look crowded or have branches sticking out to trap unwary guests. Measure your tree stand. Not all tree girths fit all stands.

Can You Transport It?

Make sure you have what you need to transport your tree safely. Bring bungee cords or rope to secure your tree if it will be riding on the roof of your car. A tree lot will net your tree to keep branches under control, but it’s a good idea to bring a tarp or blanket for extra protection. Tree sap will wreak havoc on your paint job. Amazon can deliver a fresh tree to your home if you don’t think you can manage the transport.

Buy Local

The average tree lot tree lasts four to five weeks unless it has been grown locally. Locally grown trees don’t need to be transported far so they last longer. For the freshest possible tree, grab a hand saw and cut your own. Sunterra residents head to nearby  Dewberry Farm. If you are up for the challenge, the farm provides bow saws. You can also head up to Spring and the sprawling Old Time Christmas Tree Farm. Either way, you get to pick your tree and enjoy fun holiday activities.

Give it a Good Shake

If you are purchasing your tree from a lot, the first thing you should do is give your chosen tree a good shake. If brown needles fall to the ground, you’re good. If green needles are hitting the floor, the tree is too dry and you should select a different one. Shaking also dislodges any insects that arrived with your tree.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

Your tree doesn’t need to be perfect, just perfect for you. Look for a symmetrical tree with full branches and a good shape. The trunk shouldn’t be visible through the branches. Stand 5 to 8 feet away so you can see the tree from all angles.

Get a Feel for Your Tree

Your tree should have flexible needles. You also don’t want a tree with needles that are easily pulled off. This is usually a sign that the tree is too dry. Smell your tree. If it doesn’t smell like fresh pine, it’s probably been on the lot a little too long.

The Slice is Right

Like any cut plant, your tree needs to be able to take in water to remain fresh. Most lots have someone who can cut a 1/2-inch-thick disk from the base of the tree. The cut opens the vascular system for water intake. You can do this yourself at home. If you do, stand your tree up in a bucket of water. Absorbing the water before placing it in the stand will keep your tree fresher, longer.

When the Celebration is Over

Have a plan for properly disposing of your tree when the holidays are over. If you have a woodchipper, you can chop it into smaller pieces for use in your compost pile or garden. If you plan to throw your tree onto the curb, check with your city. Most have disposal days. Check here for Katy disposal days and time.